6.3mm Phone Jack & XLR

Sound Plug provides you the quality 6.3mm Phone Jack and XLR. The professional models of connectors and cables are aimed to enhance the signal for higher output but also keep the sound in clear and great quality even in huge space. Our XLR connector is composed with more complicated structure and using the specific material as the media to reduce the deviation while the sound is transmitting. This item can surely provides you better quality of sound.

XLR connector is an electrical component, primarily found on specialized audio, video, and stage lighting equipment. It is widely applied to audio interconnection, as well as to lighting control, low-voltage power supplies, etc. Normally, there are 3 to 7 pins for XLR connectors. Along with this item comes the 6.3mm phone jack. Our high quality jack is able to avoid chip or corrosion, which is commonly used in recording equipment, broadcast studio and mixer desk.

With worldwide accepted standard design, Sound Plug XLR and phone jack offers high quality sound output, streamline looks, multifunctional usage and long life span. Welcome to contact us for further information about this product anytime!