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InfoComm USA 2023

InfoComm USA is one of the largest professional audio-visual equipment exhibitions in the European and American markets! It gathers professional video, audio, communication, smart solutions and other technologies from all over the world. Many international manufacturers are here to show their latest technologies in display, projection, video, audio, control systems and video conferencing! The annual exhibition attracts visits from audio-visual manufacturers, distributors, dealers, system integrators and end users from all over the world.

Date: 2023/06/14~2023/06/16
Venue: ORANGE COUNTY CONVENTION CENTER West Concourse Building 9800 International Drive Orlando, FL 32819


Why You Should Choose SoundPlug Electronic?

Sound Plug is a component manufacturer in aerospace, electronics, medical and music fields. We have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, and have obtained “RoHS, REACH, ISO9001, ISO14001, AS 9001 and other more international certifications.”

We provide high-quality connectors, gooseneck, aerospace components, CNC precision machining, adapters, audio cables and accessories production and OEM manufacturing. Sound Plug committed to providing flexible and stable manufacturing processes, strengthening customized design and manufacturing capabilities, constantly pursuing technological breakthroughs, ensuring leading quality, and gaining long-term support and trust from customers.

SoundPlug provide customers with reliable products, innovative solutions and high quality services

Sound Plug has continuously improved our innovative design and professional manufacturing. With flexible and stable manufacturing processes and strong custom design and manufacturing capabilities, we have gained long-term recognition and support from world-renowned international customers. We at Sound Plug believe that reliable products, innovative solutions, and high-quality customer service are the foundations for our development, helping our customers succeed in their markets. Internally, we provide ongoing personnel training and timely machinery and equipment upgrades to maintain excellent industry competitiveness.

Gooseneck Series

Gooseneck Series

Sound Plug gooseneck team focuses on research and development, design, and manufacturing. Gooseneck is made of outer wire and inner wire. The two wires twine together to provide stiffness and flexibility. All metal material reaches the international standard.

  • Providing OD 2.6mm to 20mm gooseneck.
  • Professional: The professional team can provide suggestions adopting a variety of outer diameters of 2-20mm and matching a variety of materials to produce the best quality products.
  • Customized Service: From material to design, from single-piece development to mass production, Sound Plug's provide our customers with the highest quality level of testing and inspection, and achieve one-stop service.

Our gooseneck can apply on various fields:
【Conference Microphone Stage Series】 lexible gooseneck can be provided separately, or with carbon fiber tubes, copper tubes, telescopic tubes, and customized precision connectors, faithfully presenting the exclusive design.
【Industrial Series】 According to the needs of various industries, using different outer diameters and lengths to match with various surface treatments, can offer accurate design and manufacture exclusive customized gooseneck suitable for various industries.
【Medical application series】It can be bent arbitrarily, shaped, and supported, making the rigorous inspection process more accurate.
【Other Fields】 The experienced design and manufacturing team can provide a variety of materials of wire matching according to customer needs, and manufacture high-quality metal gooseneck products.

Audio Connectors

Audio Connectors

The manufacturing process of audio cable assembly follows IPC standards. It can assemble with various high-quality connectors. Sound Plug gets certifications in UL and RoHS. We also provide OEM& ODM services.

  • The assembly/manufacturing process of audio cables is produced according to IPC standards.
  • OEM service-Provide a variety of connector shells with different appearance treatments, which can be matched with different materials of Pins, metal tail shells, LOGO printing...etc.
  • Low contact resistance makes the transmission of audio signals clearer and smoother.
  • The metal material housing comes in various styles.
  • Professional sound output and streamlined appearance design.
  • Sturdy and tight design as well as time-saving assembly.
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