Start as beginners!  Mono/Stereo, no more confusion!
TS (6.3mm Mono)TS represents TIP / SLEEVE.
TS is also known as Phone Jack 6.3、6.3 connector、1/4connector.
Can be applied to instrument cables, such as, guitar, bass and keyboards.

the general 6.3 connector are TS(Tip-Sleeve)and TRS(Tip-Ring-Sleeve), TS is for Unbalanced and TRS for balanced. As for appearance, TS has a single ring and 2 pins, while TRS has two rings and 3 pins on the connector.

Due to Unbalanced cable(guitar cable) is based on biaxial cable, if the distance is too long, there will be signal attenuation and noise problems, so the general length is 3M~6M.
As Balanced cable(microphone cable)is based on star quad cable, it can be transmitted over a long distance, even if it reaches 10-15M, the signal attenuation has little effect.

In addition to TRS is a balanced signal, XLR is also a balanced signal
TRS application: Headphones, Audio Cable / XLR Usage: Microphone Cable



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