XLR - Cannon X Series, Latch, Rubber - commonly known as a Cannon connector. The Cannon connector is the most widely used type of connector in professional audio systems and can be used to transmit various audio signals in sound systems. Balanced inputs and outputs in audio systems are generally connected using Cannon connectors. In a sense, the use of Cannon connectors is one of the distinguishing features of professional audio systems compared to consumer audio systems.

Cannon connectors can be male or female, and the sockets can also be male or female. The male connector has pins as contact points, while the female connector has sockets. According to the international convention, male connectors or sockets are used as the output terminals for signals, while female connectors or sockets are used as the input terminals for signals.

(1) Using balanced transmission, it has stronger resistance to external interference and is suitable for long-distance transmission (up to 100 meters).
(2) It has a spring locking mechanism, ensuring reliable connections that are not easily disconnected.
(3) The connector defines the signal flow direction, making it easier to prevent connection errors.

Do different XLR connectors affect sound quality?
The differences in XLR connectors do not affect sound quality. The XLR connector's function is to connect the wires with XLR heads on both ends to audio equipment. The current flows through the PINs, then through the wires, and finally transmitted into the audio equipment. The main purpose is to ensure successful power connection and signal transmission. The factors that affect sound quality mainly lie in the cables used.