"Research and Innovation," "Enhancing Quality," "Improving Performance," and "Customer Satisfaction" have always been our unwavering principles.

SoundPlug Electronics recently announced the introduction of the latest Keyence IM 8000 measuring instrument. This significant decision will transform our measurement and quality control processes. This advanced measuring instrument will join with the existing JMT 2.5D measuring instrument, providing us with advanced measurement technology and capabilities.

The Keyence IM 8000 boasts outstanding measurement accuracy and high resolution, ensuring higher quality assurance for our products. It offers multifunctionality to meet various complex measurement needs, including surface contour measurements and defect detection. Its high level of automation will enhance our production efficiency, saving valuable time and resources. Compared to the previously used JMT 2.5D measuring instrument, it includes a built-in "Continuous Measurement" feature, which resulting in a 76% increase in efficiency for quality assurance personnel during measurements.

While we appreciate the contributions of the JMT 2.5D measuring instrument in our past work, we believe that the Keyence IM 8000 will bring us additional advantages and help us achieve higher quality standards. We look forward to this transformation and believe it will contribute to maintaining our leadership position in the competitive market.

We will continue to strive to ensure that our products and services deliver excellence in quality in the future.