• Product Name: RCA-101
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rca audio connectors RCA-101rca audio connectors RCA-101

RCA-101-R / RCA-101-W

Item Shell Contact
RCA-101-Y Nickel Plated With Yellow Print RCA Plug, Gold Plated
RCA-101-R Nickel Plated With Red Print RCA Plug, Gold Plated
RCA-101-W Nickel Plated With White Print RCA Plug, Gold Plated

Electrical specification

Rated Current 2A DC or AC
Rated Voltage 34V DC or AC
Withstand Voltage 500V
Dielectric Strength 500V AC @ 1 minute
Temperature Range -25 to +80°C
Contact Resistance < 30m ohms
Insertion Force  <29.4N
Extraction Force

1N to 29.4N

Depends Upon Mating Plug